Swedish Massage Barnet

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Swedish massage or classic massage is based on long, gliding strokes to provide a restful, stress-busting experience for all ages. Our therapists use healthy, moisturising grapeseed oil for a smooth, flowing massage. Swedish massage uses softer strokes on the bonier and more delicate parts of the body, and stronger strokes where there is thicker muscle coverage. This adjustment of pressure makes it an ideal massage for relaxation. The main purpose of Swedish Massage is to increase the oxygen flow in the blood and release toxins from the muscles. Some other benefits include shortening recovery time from muscular strain, increased circulation without increased heart load, stretching of ligaments and tendons, skin stimulation and soothing of the nervous system. It reduces stress, both emotional and physical, and is suggested as part of a regular program for stress management. Besides the calming benefits, Swedish massage is thought to be good for: -easing muscular strain by flushing out toxins -improving circulation by increasing oxygen flow in the blood -helping to keep ligaments and tendons supple -reducing emotional and physical stress. Swedish Massage feels good, is relaxing and invigorating.
  • 45min £60
  • 60min £70
  • 90min £100